1. You ________ stop at the red light.

A) A) have
B) B) must
C) C) were
D) D) are

2. A cat can climb the tree, ________ it?

A) A) isn’t
B) B) hasn’t
C) C) can’t
D) D) wasn’t

3. There ________ a book on the table.

A) A) is
B) B) are
C) C) has
D) D) were

4. My school ________ at 8 o’clock on schooldays.

A) A) begin
B) B) closes
C) C) close
D) D) begins

5. He isn’t going to have a toast, ________ he?

A) A) isn’t
B) B) was
C) C) is
D) D) did

6. We are ________ the birds now.

A) A) going
B) B) feeding
C) C) flying
D) D) painting

7. You ________ at the green light.

A) A) must cross
B) B) mustn’t cross
C) C) must wait
D) D) waits

8. ________ the children come to the park every afternoon?

A) A) Are
B) B) Does
C) C) Do
D) D) Is

9. ________ are you going to do next Monday?

A) A) What time
B) B) When
C) C) How long
D) D) What

10. I always go to school ________ .

A) A) on the school bus
B) B) by a school bus
C) C) at a bicycle
D) D) by an elephant